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our ABC”: more than just a law firm 

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All characteristics below do well reflect our professional values and what our clients appreciate when working with us: 

» INDependent

We are an independent legal advisory firm based in Brussels, offering regulatory and legal assistance to:

  • high tech professionals
  • start-ups
  • trade associations
  • (multi)national companies
  • (inter)national governmental institutions and agencies

» INDepth

Our “no-nonsense” assistance is acclaimed for quickly grasping and going into the essence of combined technical, business and legal issues.

We primarily focus on relevant issues but we also leave no stone unturned if needed, and all of this often under demanding time conditions.

» INnovative

We understand the ins and outs of high technologies and their regulatory framework.

Furthermore, we also strongly believe that any form of innovation is thriving the global economy; so we pay particular attention to our clients for them to come to and stay at the forefront of fast paced high tech evolutions.

For instance, for some time now our firm has been a pioneer in Belgium and beyond in the legal domains of space technology and more recently also unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s or drones). Recently we have also been involved in agile software development contracting and ‘open science’ public procurement projects.

Also within our own firm we continuously rethink and modernise the way in which we do business with our clients and partners.

» INteractive

Our fast and fluent assistance in synch with our clients remains one of our core professional values.

We do not only strive to be very responsive, but we also like to hear and learn from our clients and partners in what drives them. 

Besides, some of us have also built up valuable experience while acting as in house lawyer in various international technology companies. So we easily understand and swiftly get acquainted with each company’s strategic orientations.

If you need our help in house or on site (e.g. during negotiations), we can propose various tailormade service offerings for which we have built up a solid reputation with our clients (including short or long term internal/external legal interim projects or GDPR DPO services).  

» INterdisciplinary

We do understand and speak your language. We are used to working with decision makers, managers, engineers, economists, bankers, developers, programmers, scientists, strategic consultants, etc on joint projects. 

Likewise, this similar internal approach enables us to act as a “one stop shop” throughout different legal domains (including inter alia corporate, employment and tax law) in the interest of our clients.

» INternational 

We also often work in a cross-border context

  • we act as local correspondent for foreign companies investing or undertaking commercial activities in Belgium 
  • vice versa we can rely on our established international network of legal correspondents within the European Union and beyond

We are also used to operating in a multicultural legal context: our standard working languages are Dutch, French and English but we are also versed in German, Italian and Spanish.

» DIgital

We do not only counsel about digital technology, our own business and back office model is axed on cutting edge technology which also enables us to offer you a secure, seamless and affordable legal service.

Also as part of our professional ethics, we abide by the highest confidentiality and data security standards.

» GO

On the basis of feedback that we received from some clients, we experienced that their needs had previously not been adequately addressed elsewhere.

Helping our clients always comes first and they always remain in the pilot seat.  

We first listen to your ideas, plans and concerns before giving you intelligible and tailor-made legal advice and assistance. 

This is probably why many clients describe us as being personable “go to” lawyers.

» Indigo

A rare colour reflecting our overall fascination for technology and passion for the aviation, aerospace, ICT, science and other innovative industries.

» Legal

Last but not least, we are ‘through and through’ knowledgeable and professional lawyers having trained at the Bar and gained top notch experience for over more than a decade in prominent “tier 1” international law firms with presence in Brussels.

While ensuring similar high quality standards, we can offer you cutting edge legal services at the top of the legal market. But with less overhead and at a more affordable price: savings that you can reinvest in your further drive for innovation. 

We are happy to share further credentials upon request.  

So that is InDIGo Legal > are you ready to go ?

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